It is critical in today’s competitive job market that one is aware of pitfalls that one can avoid. This list is all about the CLM’s (Career Limiting Moves) that are most common.

1Lack of Real Insight – or Thought, the impact of this leads to situations that exist purely based on the fact some people fail to pay attention to how things work and their own behavior.

2Confusing Actions for Results – we get paid, not to show up, but to actually get some type of results. Unfortunately some people think that simply just doing stuff is what it’s all about.

3Chronic Absence or Tardiness – if you are absent too much or late too much, you won’t be going anywhere because YOU are undependable.

4Refuse to Admit You Made a Mistake – we all make them. We’re supposed to learn from them. When you don’t admit a mistake, we not only know you’re clueless, we kind of expect you to repeat it.

5Inappropriate Computer Use – it doesn’t matter if you view porn, check your Facebook page, or shop at work. You’re wasting company resources and it will catch up with you.

6Not Fitting In With the Culture – you can either change, leave, or get fired if you don’t fit in. There may be companies you just can’t adjust to; be smart and figure that out before it damages your career.

7Missing Commitments – nothing will destroy trust faster than being habitual at not meeting your commitments. No one will want to work with you and no one will want you to work for them.

8Sense of Entitlement – people who think the company or boss owes them for simply breathing air at work can be sniffed out quickly. It’s a disagreeable quality. Everyone is expendable.

9Not thinking Outside the Box – if you can’t think outside the box or won’t do it because you’re too lazy, the boss will find someone who will. “Just” doing your job can be done by hundreds of other people.

10Bad Mouthing the Boss or Someone Important – you have to assume anything you gossip at work to someone you work with will be shared or spread. Most of the time the “code of silence” simply doesn’t exist no matter how close your relationship is.